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A unit of Jainco Group, formed in July, 2014 to cater the needs of it's increasing client base and capture a new market in Noida & Ghaziabad. Jainco Realty's head office is located in the heart of Noida itself. And works as a real estate consultant and understand the needs of its customers and function accordingly.

The company has established itself at fast growing speed in Sector-76 and neighboring sectors. It is run by a team of dedicated professional that enables one to realize his/her dream of owning a house and ensures that the deal made is just and fair.

As Jainco Group functions as a developer also, so it enables us to offer the best price to our customers for projects of various builders as well as our own. With good knowledge and understanding of the market, Jainco Realty offers real estate consulting services for industrial, commercial, residential, township and retail projects.

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